Mebane’s Chapel

Mebane’s Chapel United Holiness Church

421 West Union Street, Hillsborough, NC

Established: 1913

In 1886, the United Holy Church of America was organized at Method, NC, during a time revival in the South and across the country. It is the oldest African American Pentecostal Church in the United States, and Mebane’s Chapel United Holy Church was established in 1913, under the general leadership of this institution.

Historic image of Mebanes Chapel UHC

Founding members of Mebane’s Chapel United Holy church include Preston Wade, J. F. Latta, Dennis Grady, E. Williams, Annie Grady and R. C. Turner.In 1912, Elisha Williams and Arthur Hood, trustees of Mebane’s Chapel, had purchased a parcel of land from Abe and Annie B. Mebane for the church for the sum of twenty-five dollars [$25.00].

Historical document: warranty deed.

The church was named in honor and in memory of the Mebanes for their generosity in selling the lot for the church, located on West Union Street in the Town of Hillsborough. While the original deed to the property never was recorded, the present deed was recorded on April 26th, 1924.

Inside the sanctuary: rows of pews.

B. F. Alston was the first pastor of Mebane’s Chapel, and under his guidance, the first church building was erected in 1914. The building seated approximately 100 people, and the church had a membership of about 45 women and men.

“Rev. Whitted daughter and my daughter want to hear Tamika and the fellowship choir sing her song. — Sis Brooks”

A new sanctuary was built in 1970, to accommodate 250 people, and an addition was completed in 1993. The church now includes a pulpit, choir stand, pastor’s study, offices, baptismal pool, conference room and classrooms, and will accommodate 300 people.

The bell that stands at the front of the church building is the original bell that once rang out in the original church steeple.